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Advancing cancer care in Iraq by training medical providers including doctors, nurses, and allied health workers


Virtual Lectures

Providing Virtual lectures online. 

This will be intended to different levels from medical and nursing school to cancer residents and consultants level 

Training In-Person

Members of the ICAN Board and Advisory Board will travel to Iraq to provide teaching in-person, including lectures, seeing patients & performing surgeries

Discussion Forum

A multidisciplinary tumor board discussion platform provided by ICAN

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Participating in Research helps advance out knowledge to improve and advance patients' cancer care




Working together on clinical research can and would only improve patients' care


Eranslational research is the process of applying knowledge from basic biology and clinical trials to techniques  specifically designed to improve health outcomes.

Basic Science

Basic Research is the type of research that explore ideas and concepts to improve or synthesis new concepts in treatment and or diagnosis.

Blood Samples


Establishing and Promoting clinical care guidelines 

& cancer care pathways


By Region

USA | Europe


By Tumor Type

Solid Organs | Hematologic

Other Guidelines

Important Guidelines