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  • To train Iraqi doctors, nurses, and allied health work force about clinical patterns of cancer care

  • Hold dialogue, interactions and sessions with Iraqi policy makers and other stake holders to advocate  for optimal and guidelines-based cancer care in Iraq 

  • Establishing and supporting educational programs to educate the general population of Iraq regarding cancer prevalence, risk factors, role of optimal standardized care and outcome



  •  Improving the general population surveillance and early detection of cancers

  •  Setting guidelines and pathways for cancer care to help local providers regarding management of all types of cancers

  •  Help setting guidelines regarding survivorship and promoting quality of life for patients with cancer

Image by National Cancer Institute


  • Establish demographic and tumor data (cancer registry) that allows us to establish a longitudinal cancer incidence, prevalence and other measures in Iraq

  • Promote and advocate for clinical trials as well as exploring the best clinical practices for cancer care in Iraq

  • Promoting, collaborating and help establishing resources for translational research and potentially basic science and translational research center(s)

Mission & Vision

Improve Patients’ Cancer Care in Iraq Through
Training, Establishing Guidelines & Research

Surgeons in Operating Room

Who are we?

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